About Dixiletta

At Dixiletta, we know that film provides great entertainment. We strive to entertain, and we think that film can do even more. By educating about important issues and bringing viewers to new places, our productions contribute positively to society. We recognize that films have the power to hold attention and spark discussion. Our goal is to use that power to educate and inspire.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Dixiletta is a project of producers Robert Felix and Dixie. As a production company, Dixiletta was formed to handle all aspects of creating motion pictures, from development and writing through filming and editing and on to distribution. Dixiletta’s first projects such as The Road Back Home and “Algae Power” have been documentary in nature, but we have now completed our first fictional short film “Take a Stand“and more will follow in addition to new documentaries.

Dixiletta works with people who are excellent at their crafts and also who desire to use their gifts to contribute positively to society. If you are interested in being a part of what Dixiletta does, visit our Jobs and Talent page.

Robert Felix


As an undergraduate, Robert studied politics and sciences at Pomona College, and then broadcast journalism at ASU’s Cronkite School. Next, he attended Princeton Theological Seminary, where he became convinced that film is a part of his life’s calling. After Princeton, Robert came to Phoenix to co-found Dixiletta to produce films that contribute positively to the world. Recently, Robert has studied cinematography at USC.



Dixie started making films when a cutting-edge hospital where she worked wanted a film to describe its programs. Then working in PR, Dixie decided to make the film herself. The result was powerful, and Dixie continued to produce films that educated and inspired, taking part in raising millions for important causes. Dixie started using the name ‘Dixiletta’ for her business when another producer suggested it to her, and the name has persisted into this new project with Robert Felix.