About “Take a Stand”

“Take a Stand” tells a story of struggle and redemption set in the citrus-lined streets of Phoenix, Arizona’s Arcadia area. Two girls, Marcie and Janie, start a lemonade stand to raise money to paint Marcie’s room. While they’re still waiting for their first customers, two boys, Emile and Todd, spot their efforts and decide it’s time to start an enterprise of their own: throwing grapefruit at the girls. A struggle ensues that goes beyond what the kids might have imagined at first and one of the kids has to make a critical decision that will change the course of events dramatically.

“Take a Stand” is producer Robert Felix’s first short fiction drama and he sees this as an opportunity to explore a new area creatively.

“Dixiletta has always existed to make films that make a difference for society,”Mr. Felix said. “So far, that has meant documentaries, but we are exploring a new and engaging way of bringing people into our stories, telling stories that are fictional, but which are true-to-life nonetheless.”

“Take a Stand” is now complete and was screened for the first time at the FilmBar in downtown Phoenix in early January, 2017. The film is now being submitted to film festivals across the country.