A Story to Tell the World

Shelly's Story Continues to Inspire After His Death

This Sunday, Jeffree Davidson called me to inform me that Shelly passed away early that morning. His death was sudden, and unexpected. Just the day before, Shelly had registered for this year’s Pat’s Run.

With sadness, I felt thankful that I was able to speak to Shelly on the phone recently and hear his reaction to “The Finish Line.” It meant so much to him to be able to share his story with others. As he says in the film, “If I can inspire just one person…”

From the notes I receive daily, I know that Shelly’s story is already inspiring others. I believe it has the potential to inspire many more, too. The Pat Tillman Foundation is planning to include a story about Shelly in this year’s program guide for the race, and to provide a link to the film. I am also encouraged to do everything I can to share Shelly’s story. If you haven’t shared the story with anyone else yet, now is a great time to pass it on.

Watch the movie now by clicking here. On the movie page, you can share the film on Facebook or Twitter, or just share the link with others.