Take a Stand’s Inaugural Screening

On January 11,  2017, a group of supporters and collaborators packed FilmBar in downtown Phoenix to watch director Robert Felix’s first dramatic short, “Take a Stand,” on the big screen.

The twelve-minute short, shot around the Valley’s Arcadia neighborhood, tells a story of conflict and resolution centered around a lemonade stand. When Emile, one of the film’s lead characters, visits his friend Todd to escape his abusive home situation, he and Emile notice two girls on the other side of Todd’s backyard fence. The girls are setting up a lemonade stand. Using grapefruit as projectiles, they begin a feud with the girls which leads them all to face an ultimatum.

After the film, lemonade was served and Robert and the four lead actors took audience questions. The attendees were eager to know more about the young actors’ experiences on set and about the visual effects involved in making the film. Some suggested that “Take a Stand” be shown in schools as a way to teach conflict resolution.

The proceeds from the inaugural screening support the “Take a Stand” musical score and film festival entries. “Take a Stand” is now looking for its inaugural film festival screening.