Find Help for Someone Now

For Immediate Help, Call 2-1-1

It’s a question many people bring up to us: “I know someone who’s homeless; what can I do?” Our approach to reduce homelessness involves funding solutions that will over time provide housing for the chronically homeless and bolster emergency services, but there are many people who need immediate assistance. If you or someone you know … Continue reading

“The Road Back Home” screened at Palo Cristi Presbyterian Church

Audience Energized by Film

The first open screening of “The Road Back Home” generated excitement, and much conversation. Last night, an audience gathered to watch Dixiletta’s documentary on homelessness in Maricopa County, “The Road Back Home,” at Palo Cristi Presbyterian Church. After the film, a long discussion with producer Robert Felix ensued about the situation of homelessness in Maricopa … Continue reading