Special Screening of “Algae Power” at the Harkins Valley Art Theatre

On Thursday February 28, 2013, Dixiletta’s new three-minute documentary short, “Algae Power,” featuring the algae research of Dr. Milt Sommerfeld, will be shown at a special screening of the documentary Bidder 70.

Dr. Sommerfeld is one of the nation’s leading researchers studying the societal potential of algae for fuel, food, and ingredients for industrial products. In his lab at ASU’s Polytechnic Campus in East Mesa, Arizona, his researchers test various strains of algae to determine fast-growing varieties that produce commercially-viable products, such as oil. Some strains isolated at his laboratory produce half their biomass in oil, and all strains considered for commercial production at least double their biomass every day. From research that started by studying green swimming pools, Dr. Sommerfeld has brought us closer to realizing a future where fast-reproducing algae can transform solar energy into fuel and much more.

Screening after “Algae Power,” Bidder 70, from filmmakers Beth & George Gage, tells the story of University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher. In 2008, DeChristopher disrupted a Bureau of Land Management auction, preserving 22,000 acres of pristine land in Utah. Two months later, the auction was invalidated, but DeChristopher still faced a prison sentence for disrupting the auction.

To RSVP for this special screening, visit the School of Sustainability’s RSVP webpage.