The Finish Line

Sheldon Davidson became a big fan of Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, so when Tillman was killed in Afghanistan – by friendly fire – after joining the US Army in response to the September 11th attack, he was deeply troubled. When the Pat Tillman foundation organized a run in Tillman’s honor, Shelly, as he’s usually known, decided to participate.


Algae Power

“Algae Power” features the innovative work of Dr. Milt Sommerfeld, who calls himself an “algae farmer.” Dr. Sommerfeld is a pioneer into the potential for algae to deliver fuel, food, and more.


Take a Stand

Set on the citrus-lined streets of Phoenix, Arizona’s Arcadia neighborhood, “Take a Stand” tells a story of struggle and redemption in which two girls, Marcie and Janie, start a lemonade stand to raise money to paint Marcie’s room. Two boys, Emile and Todd, spot their efforts and decide to throw grapefruit at the girls, and decisions have to be made that go beyond what the kids might have expected.


The Road Back Home

Discover the true story of homelessness in the Valley of the Sun in Dixiletta’s documentary, The Road Back Home. Two years in the making, the film features the lives of Gen, Alesha, Heisley, Marcos, Eileen and others who have found themselves homeless in Maricopa County, Arizona. Experience their stories of struggle, hope, trial, and change.


Also a Part of Dixiletta Moving Pictures


Move Media

Producers Dixie Cook and Robert Felix started their production company, Dixiletta Moving Pictures, to make films that entertain, educate, and inspire. Dixiletta’s tagline is “Films for a Better World.” Move Media is their client production initiative, which opens Dixiletta’s production capacity to commercial clients.

Lights Ministry Designs


Lights is an initiative to bring films that function as sermons and lessons to churches and other gatherings. Unlike more common sermon recordings, which are taped live presentations, Lights takes advantage of the medium of film to create multi-sensory experiences that communicate the Gospel on multiple levels.