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If you’d like to dig deeper, explore these resources to learn more about homelessness in Maricopa County.

Arizona Report on Homelessness 2011

You can get a good sense of the overall picture of homelessness from the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s 2011 Annual Report on Homelessness. It is from this document that we get our estimate of 14,000 homeless people in Maricopa County. This comes from looking at the estimate from the report of the total number who experienced homelessness in 2011: 24,954 (see top of page 5, and add children and adults) and considering that 58% of the state’s homeless cases are reported from Maricpa County (see page 10, giving us 14,473 individuals).
Maricopa Association of Governments' Regional Plan to End Homelessness

To find out what’s being done already in Maricopa County to end homelessness, refer to the Maricopa Association of Government’s 2009 Regional Plan to End Homelessness. This report provides the information background for the One Step Away campaign, with which Dixiletta collaborated in producing “The Road Back Home.” The report identifies as the first goal in leading the charge that “High profile community champions will raise awareness and support for coordinated responses to end homelessness in the region” (see page 1). This is the function of One Step Away and describes the importance of a film and outreach campaign.