About “The Finish Line”

Sheldon Davidson became a big fan of Cardinals safety Pat Tillman, so when Tillman was killed in Afghanistan – by friendly fire – after joining the US Army in response to the September 11th attack, he was deeply troubled. When the Pat Tillman foundation organized a run in Tillman’s honor, Shelly, as he’s usually known, decided to participate.

That was in 2004. Two years later, Shelly suffered a massive stroke that left him blind in one eye and unable to walk. With Pat’s Run quickly approaching, Shelly was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to participate. His daughter Jennifer assured him that he would; she would push him. That year, she pushed him through the entire race. Two years after that, although doctors told him he would never walk again, Shelly surprised onlookers by getting out of his wheelchair near the finish line and crossing on his on two feet with the help of walking sticks.

This year, although he continues to face significant health challenges and rely on his wheelchair, Shelly and his daughter are planning to cross the finish line once more. In our documentary short film “The Finish Line,” we are planning to capture the special moment of victory when Shelly crosses the line, and we hope it will again be on his own two feet.