Move Media film for MentorKids USA shown at fundraising breakfast

For the past two weeks, Move Media has worked closely with staff and students at MentorKids USA to tell the organization’s story. The film shows the MentorKids program in action and features testimonials from students and staff, focusing especially on the iLEAD pilot program, which employs high schoolers to work with younger students. The seven-minute film was presented to prospective donors during a fundraising breakfast at the Phoenix Country Club on Friday, which raised more than $200,000.


MentorKids is a nonprofit after-school program designed to keep at-risk youth focused on education and the future. MentorKids impacts 550 lives annually and helps relieve the burden that disconnected youth place on the public. Disconnected youth are young people between the ages of 16 and 24 that are not working or attending school. There are about 95,000 disconnected youth in the Phoenix metropolitan area alone, costing taxpayers approximately $1.5 billion in support each year.

Move Media is the client production initiative of Dixiletta Moving Pictures and produced this film at reduced cost. For several years, Dixiletta has partnered with MentorKids to share their journey to help children “reach their full God-given potential.”

“I’m really glad we made this one,” said producer Robert Felix. “What MentorKids is doing fits perfectly with our tagline.” Dixiletta Moving Pictures operates with the tagline, “Films for a Better World.”

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Click here to watch the video.