Lucy Receives Donation of Socks for Chronically Homeless

Donation of 218 Pairs Badly Needed

Lucy Puts Socks Away

Lucy Barraza places newly donated socks on a shelf for safe keeping until they can be distributed over the next week or two.

When a small group at Peoria Presbyterian Church watched “The Road Back Home” a couple weeks ago, they responded with financial donations and 218 pairs of socks. Those socks were just delivered to Lucy Barraza, an outreach worker at Southwest Behavioral Health’s homeless outreach team, who is featured in the documentary.

“It’s going to be very helpful,” Lucy told us. “We are so grateful. The Homeless are always on their feet; their means of transportation is walking.” She also pointed out that without regular access to laundry facilities, socks have to be replaced frequently. When this most recent donation arrived, the outreach team’s supply closet was down to a few pairs left to distribute. Lucy says the socks will be passed out near Southwest Behavioral Health’s offices at the Maricopa County Human Services Campus and also distributed throughout the Valley by their team of street outreach workers. Lucy expects the 218 pairs to last for a week or two. “Socks are a hot commodity down here,” she said. Lucy also pointed out a related need: shoes. Apparently, women’s shoes are donated more frequently than men’s. Especially needed are men’s shoes in large sizes, specifically 10 and up.

A favorite for viewers, Lucy originally agreed to be interviewed for “The Road Back Home” only in the hope that her participation would help the chronically homeless population she serves. With this donation of socks, she takes one small step in that direction, and helps others take a few more steps, too.